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Jaramba – Children’s app in for a growth spurt

onsdag 9 Maj 2018 kl 11:38

When your end users are children you know that you’re in for a challenge: How do you stay relevant? How do you please users who’s primary characteristic is their constantly evolving taste and needs? Well, you evolve with them of course!

And Jaramba is evolving. With the recent commercial launch of Jaramba Förskola (Jaramba Preschool) the version made for the Swedish preschools, Jaramba is quickly becoming the biggest ed tech app on the market. Selling the first municipal license in its first week of sales Jaramba Preschool is now well on its way to being considered the primary resource for digital content for small children ready to learn.

“It looks like the time we chose to enter the preschool market could not have been better. Now it is up to us at Jaramba to continue to work closely with the preschools to be able to grow with them and their evolving digital education.” – Michael Hallgren, COO Jaramba Förskola

In the meantime the home market version of the app is finding it’s way into the hands of an ever growing user base, helped along considerably by a new push for brand awareness. Plans for Jaramba’s growth has already been kicked off with a TV-campaign in one of Sweden’s largest networks. Maybe you’ve seen the commercial on TV?

”TV works really well for Jaramba, reaching our target audience across the nation. Apart from rapidly building our subscriber base we hopefully show parents how serious we are in our ambition to provide the best educational app for children. Also, doing TV really opens doors to new content deals and puts us on the map in many other aspects.” – Peter Sjöström, CEO Jaramba

So by making sure that high quality, pedagogical and entertaining content reach children in the most important arenas of their learning life, playtime and school, Jaramba manages to stay relevant, fun and growing – right alongside its users!